About Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

With over fifteen years of experience as a strategic media consultant, Hersh Davis-Nitzberg is an American entrepreneur, publicist, image consultant and event producer. As an entrepreneur, Davis-Nitzberg has financed companies while helping to raise over fifty million through angel investors and venture capital. As an image consultant, he has worked closely with celebrities, politicians, and athletes. He currently specializes in reputation repair, reputation defense, and reputation management at Repair Bad Reputation.

In addition, he serves on the board of several nonprofit organizations including the Institute of Semitic Studies. Based on his strong relationships, and insider intelligence, he has built significant influence in Southern California and worldwide. Hersh Davis-Nitzberg is currently the managing director of Repairbadreputation.com and the co-owner of Villa Milagro Wellness and Retreat Center.

Davis – Nitzberg was born on an Air Force Base in Tokyo, Japan. During the first five years of his life, he traveled to over thirty countries until his family moved to Los Angeles in 1983. He attended two elite private schools in Southern California: The Center for Early Education and Harvard-Westlake High School. After high school, Davis-Nitzberg attended Princeton University as a recruited football player where in 1995 he helped his team win the Ivy League Championship. He graduated with a degree in Religion in 1999.

Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

While attending Princeton University:

Davis-Nitzberg was actively involved in athletic, humanitarian and entrepreneurial pursuits. He founded two corporations: a non-profit organization and an event publicity firm. His first venture, “The Ghana Education Project,” is a 501 (C) (3), nonprofit tax exempt organization that currently has built and maintains 26 literacy and AIDS education centers in rural Ghana, West Africa. He is currently the acting CFO of this organization.

Before the age of twenty one, Davis-Nitzberg co- founded LA2nite.com, an event publicity firm, which for eleven years dominated Southern Californian nightlife. The Los Angeles times named La2nite.com the top promotional company in Southern California in 2007 and Davis-Nitzberg among the event production elite. In 2009, with over 5000 events and the title of top promotional company in Southern California under his belt, Davis-Nitzberg packed up shop and began to focus on his other company Repair Bad Reputation.

Repair Bad Reputation

Before the term ‘reputation management’ existed, Davis-Nitzberg was helping pioneer a multi-billion dollar a year industry.  In 2007, Davis-Nitzberg founded Repair Bad Reputation, a private reputation repair, reputation management, and reputation defense firm based in Beverly Hills, California. Repair Bad Reputation specializes in improving the online and offline reputation of businesses and individuals.

When Davis-Nitzberg first began his work developing this concept few people could understand the value of his vision. “I would explain to friends or colleagues what I was doing and was always met with blank stares. They may have understood how this would apply to public figures, but they did not realize how the Internet would create an entirely new market where reputation would apply to every company and every person.”

Davis-Nitzberg is now a renowned speaker, blogger, and influencer within his field of reputation repair. With over seven years of experience as a reputation consultant Davis-Nitzberg’s work has put him in the trenches of some of the more difficult reputation management issues. Although his client list is safely guarded, he has worked closely with top musicians, celebrities, and politicians helping to define and develop damaged brands. In addition, his field now reaches across many socio-economic markets as online reputation applies to most individuals or companies success. “You could own a small business or a Fortune 500 company, either way you live or die by the public’s perception of what your company represents.  If you are a high school student, realize admissions officers are looking online to get more information about you. Applying for the work force, be cautious of how you present yourself online.  Looking to meet a love connection, your online presence is vital. It is a very exciting time for reputation repair: it is the wild-west, we are in an un-chartered territory.  In many ways, we are creating a business from scratch.  Going to the office is not working, I love what I do and I am proud to transform people’s lives.”